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    How long do I repay my loan – minimum term and maximum?
    Is the loan insured?
    What happens if I pass away and I still have to pay back my loan?
    What happens if I get retrenched?
    How long does the loan process take to disburse?
    Is there a penalty fee for an early settlement?
    Should I be banking at a particular bank?
    How many branches do you have?
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Dumela Motswana Wetsho

Bayport Financial Services Botswana started trading in May 2010 on the strength of a partnership between Bayport, the Botswana government, parastatal organisations and trade unions. The partners shared a common goal of helping people achieve financial wellness through responsible access to credit.

Bayport’s mobile agent distribution model, which takes our services directly to the customer, has been a major contributor to Bayport Botswana’s success. In a short period of time, the operation has seen exponential growth with the opening of ten branches in just ten months, and the footprint continues to grow.

Bayport Botswana is actively involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives focused on education and housing in support of the government’s call on poverty alleviation and dignified housing for all.