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    How long do I repay my loan – minimum term and maximum?
    Is the loan insured?
    What happens if I pass away and I still have to pay back my loan?
    What happens if I get retrenched?
    How long does the loan process take to disburse?
    Is there a penalty fee for an early settlement?
    Should I be banking at a particular bank?
    How many branches do you have?
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Bayport Botswana is the Smartest in Africa!

Bayport Botswana is the Smartest in Africa! The Smart Campaign has given us Client Protection Certification. This means that our policies and practices are all about treating our customers fairly and protecting their interests. Bayport Botswana is the first credit provider in Africa and the first payroll lender in the world to achieve this feat. This seal proves that when you take out a Bayport loan you know exactly what you’re getting – no nasty surprises!

Bayport Botswana Smart Campaign Certification Press Release

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