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A new future

Nicodemus Gemba Matle, a teacher at Kinihhe Primary School in Qurus ward, Karatu district, first borrowed from Bayport in 2007 to finish building his family home. Believing that the only way to increase his income was to develop his dairy business, Nicodemus took a second Bayport loan in 2008 to purchase three more cows, bringing his dairy herd to six. Those six cows produced 30 litres of milk a day, selling at TZS800 per litre.

Nicodemus now has 15 cows. The success of his dairy business has helped him to put his four children through school.

In 2010, he borrowed again to finance the start of a small retail shop in his village, which is operated by his wife.

“I have succeeded through a Bayport loan to create a good life, and a business that will support me later on,” says Nicodemus.

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