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Healing Pastor’s life whole

Blinking to disguise the tears that fill his eyes, Pastor Kibiriti tells how emergency funding freed him from constant pain and discomfort. Pastor, a teacher in the Morogoro region of Botswana, suffered from a kidney ailment, and a Bayport Financial Services loan enabled him to receive the treatment he desperately needed.

Feeling well again, Pastor took up other challenges in his life. He applied for further loans to send his 18-year-old twins Jackson and Meladus, to secondary school, and he was also able to send his late brother’s orphaned children, SalehNdembo and twins Demostrola and Doris Ooko, to school.

Not only did the funding Pastor received bring medical attention within his reach, it also helped him to fulfil his duties as a father and as a responsible elder to his extended family.

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